What is Prepress? It’s simply everything that needs to be done to your artwork and files in order for them to print properly. Prepress is aligning your design to a printer template with precision and accuracy. Prepress is color correcting your artwork so that it prints clearly and beautifully. Prepress is creating emboss or foil files, or building an opaque white ink layer for when you’re printing on metallic stock. Prepress is taking files from one job and adjusting them for another, cloning and retouching as needed. Prepress, as P.F.Prep sees it, is making sure that your project prints as intended and doing whatever it takes to make sure that happens.

Rafer Roberts has spent over two decades working in commercial printing and prepress where he prepped the covers of bestselling authors such as Stephen King, James Patterson, Raina Telgemeier, and Jeff Kinney, as well as the paint can labels for companies such as Sherwin-Williams, Rustoleum, and PPG. Rafer has also worked for large newspaper insert printers, factories that produce high-pressure laminates, screen printers, stationary shops, award-winning photographers, award-eschewing designers, independent bands, and small sign shops. Whether you’re a production manager for a large publishing house or a cartoonist putting out your first comic, if you’re doing anything with printing, Rafer can help!

P.F.Prep also offers limited editorial and production services. If you’re interested in Rafer’s help beyond simply getting your files ready for the printer, please ask!

Rafer Roberts
Rafer Roberts

Education: Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina
Bachelor of Science, Graphic Communications 
Additional Training and Activities:
20+ years Adobe Creative Suites, QuarkXPress, and Microsoft Office applications.
Former editor of Magic Bullet, a bi-annual Washington DC-based comic anthology.
Occasional freelance designer for album covers, festival posters, and book covers.
2017 Harvey Award nominee for Best Cartoonist.
2017 Harvey Award nominee for Humor.