P.F.Prep offers a variety of service packages designed to cover most projects, though every project has its unique qualities. Please reach out if you don’t see what you’re looking for. Email [email protected] for bulk, corporate, or subcontracting work.

The “Third Check”


“Every job at the printing plant I worked at was inspected by two Quality Control checkers before it was allowed to leave the building. Some jobs, the highly critical jobs with large print runs and multiple special effects were given a third check, y’know, just in case. Before you send your files to the printer, let a professional give it one last look. I’ll make sure that your files are ready-for-print and provide a detailed assessment of any issues I might find.” 



“Do you have all the pieces of your project, from printer template to final text and art files, but neither the time nor expertise to put everything together? Let me do it! I’ll assemble art files, typeset and layout text, and break out spot colors and special effects. You will receive printer-ready files in whatever format your print provider wants. Includes a maximum THREE HOURS of professional prepress system time, which is more than enough time for most jobs. Regular system time (see below) is charged after that.”



“Same as above, but you also get my working files (such as my Indesign layout or any cloned artwork) delivered in a cleanly-organized zip file. (Also available as a $100 add-on if requested within 6 months of final assembly or $125 if requested after 6 months.)”


$30/hr, estimated in advance

“Some projects are larger than others. No problem! Charged per hour and determined in advance, this covers any artist alterations, image extensions, cloning, typesetting, color corrections or any other work that exceeds the 3 hours of “final assembly” time and/or any requested work done to repair errors found during “third check.”


$100/hr plus 10% deposit, estimated in advance

“The same as regular system time, but FAST. I put your job at the front of the line and turn it around quickly and correctly.”  



“Need a personal print advisor by your side? Is grunt work getting in the way of actually running your company? Let me help! I can guide your project from start to finish. I can find printers and gather estimates, prepare your files for the printer, suggest paper stocks and formats, hire letterers and colorists as needed, and even run your Kickstarter. Whatever your project needs, just ask!” 


Barcodes – $25 a la carte, $10 with other services

Also available for retainer and contract work!

In most cases, payment is required within 30 days of project completion, though payment plans are available in the case of larger jobs or individual need. Large or labor intensive jobs may require a deposit.